Evangelical Travel – 8 Days

Day 1
AIRPORT: Reception and welcome, attended by our personnel.
JAFFA – Port of departure of the prophet Jonah. House of Simon the Tanner, who was to play host to St. Peter.

Day 2
CAESARIA – Ruins of Herod’s palace and port, Roman theater, the location of Peter’s encounter with Cornelius and Paul’s departure to Rome. MUJRAKA – Prophet Elijah’s confrontation with the gods of Baal, gorgeous panoramic views over Nazareth. ARMAGEDDON – from king Salomon’s fortifications to the place of the Apocalypse. HAIFA – Port city, Israel’s export and import center, a city where different ethnic groups and religions coexist at the foot of historic Mount Carmel. Bahai Gardens.

Day 3
MOUNT OF BEATITUDES, a unique place where the words of the “Sermon on the Mount” still seems to echo in front of a beautiful view of Sea of Galilee, testifying to the Good News. CAPERNAUM, “Jesus City”, the ruins of the house of Peter and a beautiful ancient Synagogue. CRUISE on a fishing boat across the Sea of Genesareth, also known as the Sea of Galilee , in memory of those Galilean fishermen. KURSI – where Jesus heals two men possessed by demons. The GOLAN heights.

Day 4
KIBBUTZ – agricultural development. PHILIPPI’S CAESAREA – ruins of the city of Banias at the foot of Mount Hermon. Place of Paul’s conversion, in the icy waters of the Banias, source of the Jordan River. MEGIDDO ARMAGEDDON – King Solomon’ stronghold. The ancient sources record numerous battles fought for control of the city; in the New Testament (Revelation 16:16) Armageddon (which some consider to be a corruption of Har Megiddo – the Mount of Megiddo) is named as the site of the final battle of the end of days. NAZARETH – Childhood of Jesus, the synagogue where He preached, Annunciation. JERUSALEM – end the day with a welcome toast.

Day 5
MOUNT OF OLIVES –magnificent view of the Temple Mount. We will descend the mountain to the GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE, where Jesus taught his teachings. We will enter the Old City through the Gate of Lions to visit the pool of BETHESDA, location of the miracle mentioned in John 5. Exit the Old City through the DAMASCUS GATE to the GARDEN TOMB. We will Re-enter by the ZION GATE, where we visit the Tomb of King David, the site of THE LAST SUPPER. Going through the Armenian quarter, we will reach the ROMAN CARDO, and descend to the WAILING WALL (WESTERN WALL) – part of the ancient wall that surrounded the Old Temple.

Day 6
QUMERAN caves – where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest biblical documents, were found. MASADA – Herod’s summer palace, seized and used as the last bastion of resistance by the rebels from Jerusalem. DEAD SEA – the lowest place on earth, a salty lake rich in curative minerals, the final destination of the river Jordan.

Day 7
KNESSET – Modern Israel’s parliament. the seven-branched Menorah with images describing biblical and historical moments; SUPREME COURT, a modern building that integrates Jerusalem’s special atmosphere into its internal design. HOLOCAUST MUSEUM – houses remnants and documents of the Second World War. EIN KAREM – birthplace of John the Baptist.

Day 8
DEPARTURE – final arrangements and farewell. Assistance at the airport.


B = Breakfast L= Lunch D = Dinner (Lunch excluded on private tours)

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