Catholic Travel – 8 Days

Day 1
AIRPORT: Reception and welcome, attended by our personnel.
JAFFA – Port of departure of the prophet Jonah. House of Simon the Tanner, who was to play host to St. Peter.

Day 2
MOUNT OF BEATITUDES, place of the “Sermon on the Mount”. Church of TABHA, the miracle of Multiplication of Loaves and Fish. PETER’S PRIMACY on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. CAPERNAUM, the Good News arrive to the Galileans. SAIL across the Sea of Galilee to debark in TIBERIAS. MOUNT TABOR – Church of Transfiguration. CANNA where Jesus performed His first miracle in the famous Wedding of Canna.

Day 3
NAZARETH – site of the Annunciation and early childhood of Jesus. Sacred Family’s house and the Church of St. Joseph’s Carpentry. ACRE, cradle of the Crusader’s kingdom in the Holy Land and the place where St. Francis of Assisi disembarked. HAIFA: Largest commercial port, famous Bahai gardens and STELLA MARIS Carmelite Monastery on the slopes of Mount Carmel, the Virgin of Carmel. CAESAREA – baptism of the Roman Cormelius, departing of Saint Paul to Rome to be judged. Old Roman Theatre and remains of the Hippodrome.

Day 4
MOUNT OF OLIVES – a magnificent panoramic view of Jerusalem, Temple Mount, the Kidron riverbed. Church of PATER NOSTER where Jesus taught his disciples how to pray the Lord’s prayer; DOMINUS FLEVIS Church, where Jesus predicts the destruction of the Temple, CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS (also known as the BASILICA OF THE AGONY), Garden of Gethsemane; TOMB OF THE VIRGIN on the banks of the Kidron river. SAN PEDRO GALLEGANTI; house of Caiaphas, where the night trial was conducted, MOUNT ZION, place of the LAST SUPPER and the BASILICA OF THE DORMITION.

Day 5
The Old City: St. ANNE’S CHURCH and the Bethesda pool with Byzantine and Crusader ruins. Via Dolorosa with its 14 Stations of the Cross, culminating in the HOLY SEPULCHER. WAILING WALL and the TEMPLE MOUNT, including the Dome of the Rock.

Day 6
EIN KAREM Church of the Visitation: Meeting place of the Virgin Mary with her cousin Elizabeth. Church of ST. JOHN on the Mountain, birthplace of John the Baptist. BETHLEHEM: Church of the NATIVITY, Nativity Grotto, St. Jerome’s Grotto, where he translated the Bible. SHEPHERDS’ FIELD, where the Holy Family found shelter on its return to Jerusalem.

Day 7
BOOK MUSEUM: Model of Jerusalem from the time of Jesus and Herodian Temple. exposed DEAD SEA SCROLLS, oldest biblical manuscripts. MASADA – last bastion of rebellion against the Romans. DEAD SEA – the lowest place on earth. Rich in healing minerals.

Day 8
Departure towards the airport, boarding assistance. Departure


B = Breakfast L= Lunch D = Dinner (Lunch excluded on private tours)

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